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Corporate Governance


BKN Capital as AIFM is regulated by the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). As a member of the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) we also subscribe to the ALFI Guidelines and Recommendations such as the Code of Conduct for Luxembourg Investment Funds. Our governance rules cover the following areas:

Complaints Handling    |    Voting Rights Policy    |    Privacy Notice   

Complaints Handling

BKN Capital S.A. is dedicated to investigating complaints in a timely manner.  A complaint may be any 

expression of dissatisfaction by a client or investor that may be expressed in writing by letter, email, 

by phone or in person.  All complaints will be forwarded to the Complaints Handling Officer who will 

assess and address such complaints in a timely fashion. 


If you wish to submit a complaint, please make sure to include the following details:


Name of the AIF being serviced by BKN Capital (if applicable);

Your name, surname and contact details to receive a reply; and

Details of your complaint.


Complaints may be sent to: or by contacting BKN Capital S.A.


Complainant’s Recourse and Regulator Notification

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the response from BKN Capital, S.A, the complainant has the right 

to contact the CSSF after one month from the date the complaint was originally sent.  A form provided 

on the CSSF website may be used to initiate an out-of-court complaint resolution procedures.  The form 

and full text of the CSSF Regulation 16-07 relating to this process may be located here:


The contact details of the CSSF are:


Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier

Département Juridique II

110, route d’Arlon

L-1150 Luxembourg


After receiving and acknowledging the complaint, the CSSF will contact BKN Capital, S.A. to request an 

explanation and supporting documentation regarding the complaint at hand.  BKN Capital S.A. will 

cooperate to the fullest extent possible during the investigation.


As per yearly reporting requirements, BKN Capital S.A. will report the number and nature of complaints 

to the CSSF.

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