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About Us

BKN Capital is an authorized Alternative Investment Fund Manager led by a team of seasoned professionals. We specialize in operating fund platforms for illiquid and complex assets with a particular expertise in (credit) risk management, internal rating and valuation models. Our team members held various senior roles in banks and asset management firms, and hence add significant value to every facet of operations within BKN Capital.


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Sohail Khan           Andreas Neugebauer           Thomas Liebsch           Christian Behring

Thomas Liebsch

Conducting Officer

Mr. Liebsch is Conducting Officer and member of the Management Committee of BKN Capital. Previously, he served as General Manager for Fisch Asset Management (Luxembourg), a boutique bond-fund manager, and as Deputy Managing Director for Nordea Asset Management in Luxembourg. In both roles, he focused on Governance, Risk Management and Operations. During his time with Nordea Group, Mr. Liebsch also held the position of Chief Risk Officer for the Luxembourg Bank. In addition, he held senior positions within several banks in Luxembourg and Germany, where he specialised in Risk Management whilst working with Real Estate Finance, Structured Loans and Trading Portfolios. Mr. Liebsch is an active participant of several working groups of the Association for Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI). 

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