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About Us

BKN Capital is an authorized Alternative Investment Fund Manager led by a team of seasoned professionals. We specialize in operating fund platforms for illiquid and complex assets with a particular expertise in (credit) risk management, internal rating and valuation models. Our team members held various senior roles in banks and asset management firms, and hence add significant value to every facet of operations within BKN Capital.


Management Team         |          Asset Classes          |          Capabilities    

Sohail Khan           Andreas Neugebauer           Thomas Liebsch          Christian Behring

Christian Behring 

Portfolio Management & Operations

Mr. Behring is co-founder of BKN Capital and member of its Management Committee responsible for Portfolio Management and Operations. He is Partner at Behring, Khan & Co., an advisory firm specialized in alternative investment fund solutions. Prior to this, Mr. Behring held various senior positions with New Jersey-based asset management firm ZAIS Group, where he was responsible for their European regulated investment platforms and chaired the boards of two Luxembourg based SICAVs. He oversaw assets in excess of $3bn in portfolios of U.S. and European securitizations. Mr. Behring currently serves as Director for the CQS ABS Fund and as supervisory board member to First Private Investment Management KAG. 

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