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Our Clients

Institutional Investors, Investment Managers, Banks and Non-Bank Lenders operate in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. BKN Capital has deep knowledge of markets, regulations, alternative assets and fund structures. This allows us to deliver turn-key fund solutions for the implementation of your alternative assets investment and refinancing strategies. 


Institutional Investors      |     Investment Managers      |      Originators & Lenders


BKN Capital services Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Endowments, Family Offices and other Professional Investors with exposure to corporate, project finance or real estate debt related investment strategies.


Our Services

  • Asset Allocation Platform: You can implement your asset allocation in a highly efficient manner by appointing specialized investment managers or advisory firms who will operate on our AIFMD sub-advisory platform.

  • Fund Platforms: We can design and implement Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) or entire Multi-Compartment AIF platforms that will meet your regulatory, tax, accounting and operational needs.

  • Risk Management & Valuations: We have highly experienced investment professionals with expertise in the risk management and valuation of illiquid and complex assets. Our comprehensive risk management process includes qualitative and quantitative analysis and our team possesses sophisticated cash flow modeling skills.

  • Operations & Governance: We offer efficient operational management and governance of your funds, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our services include the selection, due diligence, monitoring and coordination of all fund service providers.

  • Regulatory Expertise: We have intimate knowledge of financial regulations, including AIFMD, Solvency II, CRD and Dodd-Frank. 

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